Welcome to REALLYREALLYRANDOM. Dot com. #

This site is for all the people out there interested in true random numbers, and their hardware generation. Building machines to generate large amounts of cryptographic strength random numbers is not as elusive as some would suggest. We prove that.

You may be a professional cryptographer or a keen amateur user of random numbers. You may want a random number to do a workplace lottery draw, or to generate cipher keys to harass, confound and confuse the Man. Some people even use random numbers to create art. True chaos can be beautiful.

Is this a robotic hand throwing dice, we hear you ask. Or perhaps a Geiger counter shoved up a smoke detector buried within a heap of low salt salt? No. Introducing the Chaos Device. A physical machine of such cunning perplexity and devilishness, that it spews out numbers galore in as random a fashion as is really random. Really. The Chaos Device's instruments harness the chaotic behaviour inherent in the four primordial elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. One of the main intentions of this site is to demonstrate that cryptographic strength true random number generators can be built and operated by all.

And why would you use our random numbers rather than those from other providers?

  • Hardware random number generation is the only accepted means of producing truly random numbers. Using software to produce even pseudo random numbers is mired in controversy, uncertainty and can be very slow. See our speed analysis.
  • We adhere to strict principles to ensure randomness, security and quality. REALLYREALLYRANDOM is a private enterprise, not a corporate entity. This means that there is no quid pro quo arrangement with the security services. There is no secret algorithm than generates predictable sequences of numbers in a way known only to the Establishment.
  • Unlike other sources of randomness, we actually measure how much entropy we provide.
  • We challenge the orthodoxy that we should only be using 'approved' cryptography for generating (pseudo) random numbers. There are many dangers inherent in cryptographic mono-culturism, and we believe that the only salvation is crypto-diversity. Chaos Devices for all we say!
  • There is no Micro$oft here.
  • We suspect that /dev/random is not a true random number generator, fuelling the controversy.
  • Finally, this is a labour of love and we'd be very pleased if someone can benefit from our endeavours ☺.

Or so it is hoped that will be the case when the Chaos Device is built. We're working on it, and we hope that you might follow our sluggish progress. By hook or by 25W soldering iron, we'll get there...

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