Type 3 Cryptography kit

This is REALLYREALLYRANDOM’s Type 3 cryptography kit. It is housed within a de-badged Louis Vuitton travel jewellery box, and is designed for female assets to take with them into the field. Consequently it is also known as the ‘Mata-Hari’ crypto kit.

The kit contains a 8.2V Zener based entropy source and an Arduino Nano with a randomness extractor. It is used to either refill one time pads in the field, or serve as the random number source for Diffie–Hellman key exchange.

REALLYREALLYRANDOM's 'Mata-Hari' cryptography kit being used in field operation.

'Mata-Hari' cryptography kit in field operation.

The left hand side contains a short USB cable for PC/laptop connectivity. There is also a flash drive containing a portable build of our Cryptex one time pad communications application.

REALLYREALLYRANDOM's 'Mata-Hari' cryptography kit contents.

Kit contents.

The right hand side contains the technical elements. Starting at the top; we have a 9V battery. Then the switch and voltage meter to confirm correct Zener bias voltage. Finally there is the kit’s entropy source PCB mounted beneath an off the shelf Arduino Nano.

The kit communicates asynchronously via USB serial emulation @ 9600 baud, 1 start bit, 8 data bits and 1 stop bit.

REALLYREALLYRANDOM's 'Mata-Hari' cryptography kit detailed contents.

Detailed kit contents.

The kit in field operation. The bias voltage is holding steady at 9.4V as might be expected of a new battery. True random numbers are being streamed to a laptop in order to refill one time pads for our Cryptex application.

REALLYREALLYRANDOM's 'Mata-Hari' cryptography kit in use refilling one time pads for our Cryptex application.

'Mata-Hari' in use refilling a one time pad.