About the emblems

These are the emblems of eight of the world’s greatest 😕 signals intelligence agencies. There are the five founding members of the Five Eyes alliance, and those of Germany, Israel and France. Going clockwise, we have Britain’s GCHQ, Germany’s BND, USA’s NSA, Israel’s Mossad, France’s DGSE, Australia’s ASD, Canada’s CSE and New Zealand’s GCSB.

But be aware that there are others, including China and Russia. And don’t forget Maximator (or Fünfgruppe), the European version of Five Eyes. So that’s GCHQBNDNSAMOSSADDGSEASDCSEGCSB+ for short.

The emblems are broken, discombobulated and melted because with sites like this one and others, information has outed as to how anyone with a soldering iron (or drawing pins) can build an entropy source for an unbreakable and trusted TRNG. The agencies’ powers of interception and surveillance are therefore diminished, but not completely eliminated.

Be warned, be prepared and stay alert.